Nano Charcoal®

At Nano Charcoal® we believe people want to do what is right for our environment. We strive to create an eco-friendly world to avoid harmful chemicals in places we don’t want it, like our body and oceans.

Nano Charcoal® is 100% natural bamboo based and multifunctional high-performance desiccant. Greatest adsorption ability against moisture and odors yet eco-friendly and bio-degradable to our environment.

Due to patented Technology, it adsorbs more moisture than any other product in the market to restrain bacterial growth and adsorbs volatile organic gasses (as well as odors) for consumer and industrial applications.

Nano Charcoal® is nonpoison, nontoxic yet biodegradable without causing secondary pollution.

Nano Charoal® can self-restore and be re-used multiple times for both industrial and personal use!

Nano Charcoal® works closely with their customers and have saved them millions of dollars on damaged goods. We evaluate the entire journey of your products; from factory, to shipping, to household storage, we fight mold at every step!


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