Nano Charcoal - World’s No. 1 eco-friendly adsorbent

- Ecological responsibility
Nano Charcoal is committed to sustainable action towards the environment. It uses 100% natural bamboo as source material, contains neither toxic nor harmful chemicals, causes no secondary pollution and can be used as fertilizer after use.

- 100% natural bamboo
Nano Charcoal utilizes the short, 5-6 years growth cycle of bamboo as well as its low utilization rate. The short growth cycle means less stress for the soil while the after the production of bamboo good often left behind residual bamboo material and even scraps can be perfectly used as raw source material for the production of Nano Charcoal.

- Up to 3 times reusable
Nano Charcoal regains its adsorption capacity after being exposed to intense sunlight and can be reused up to 3 times.

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