Nano Charcoal Desiccant

Worldwide No. 1

Nano Charcoal desiccant is the most environmentally friendly adsorbent and also the most efficient. Its moisture adsorption rate is significantly higher than Silica Gel or Lime Desiccants.

But that’s not all, Nano Charcoal is also extremely versatile and highly efficient in adsorbing volatile organic gases, removing odors and restraining bacterial growth.

Best in class moisture adsorption

Under 90% RH at 25 C, From day one Nano Charcoal shows its superior performance with moisture adsorption rate of 84.4% - 5.5 times higher than Silica Gel and 3 times higher than Lime Desiccants.

Moisture Adsorption Ratio Curve


  • Nano Charcoal has a best in class moisture adsorption ratio of 84.4%
  • Nano Charcoal has a B. E. T. Surface area of 1,550 m2/g, which is equal to the area of six tennis courts
  • Nano Charcoal removes distinctive odors
  • Nano Charcoal s non-toxic and doesn't contain harmful chemical substances
  • Nano Charcoal Desiccant is made of 100% natural bamboo and therefore 100% environmentally friendly
  • Nano Charcoal Desiccant is up to 3 times reusable
  • Nano Charcoal is biodegradable and can be used as fertilizer after use
  • Nano Charcoal doesn't cause deliquesce or shape changes once it adsorbs moisture
  • Nano Charcoal doesn't create heat once is in direct contact with water/moisture

Customized branding

Nano Charcoal is customizable with your own corporate branding for a consistant design and seemless extension of your brand and product packaging.

Packaging Configurations

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