Fits shipping containers perfectly

NACKO is the world’s first high-performance adsorbent bar with a form factor specially designed for local and oversees transportation.

The bar uses Nano Charcoal; best in class moisture adsorption as its adsorbent, is therefore also made of 100% natural bamboo and adsorbs multiple organic solvents, reduces odors and prevents bacterial spread during transportation.


Nano Charcoal’s patented Nano-Technology makes NACKO a true high-performance adsorption bar. NACKO adsorbs reliably distinctive odors, gases and moisture during shipment.

NACKO is a physical adsorbent bar which will not deliquesce or change shape once it adsorbs moisture nor create heat once it is in direct contact with water/moisture.


Designed with shipping containers in mind

NACKO is designed to fit the wall panel profile of shipping containers perfectly. With magnets on the back, which makes it easy to attach, replace or to remove the bar. The magnets keep NACKO also securely in place during storage or transport.

100% eco-friendly

NACKO uses Nano Charcoal pellets as adsorbent material. The pellets, made of 100% natural bamboo, are free of chemicals and don’t harmful substances.

NACKO doesn’t cause secondary pollution to the environment, is reusable, biodegradable and decomposes as plant fertilizer after use.

NACKO Packaging Configurations

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