Frequently asked questions

  • How safe is Nano Charcoal®?
    Nano Charcoal® is made of 100% natural bamboo and has been tested under various analyses. S.G.S. for instance certifies that Nano Charcoal® adsorbents are non-toxic and safe even if accidentally ingested.
  • Is Nano Charcoal® environmentally friendly?
    Nano Charcoal® is an authentic environmentally friendly product. It’s made of 100% natural bamboo and can be used as garden fertilizer after use. Nano Charcoal® decomposes in the soil without causing secondary pollution to the environment.
  • What kind of analysis have Nano Charcoal® adsorbents been tested under government regulation?
    Nano Charcoal® has passed 15 chemical exams under REACH’s regulation as S.G.S. proving that Nano Charcoal® does not contain Cobalt Dichloride, Di-Methyl Formamiade (DMF), Dimethyl Fumarate, Heavy Metal or any other harmful chemicals. Nano Charcoal® has obtained the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) of Cas No. 64365-11-3 and EC No. 264-846-4. In the beginning of 2010, Nano Charcoal® has also obtained the invention patents for Taiwan, China and Germany.
  • Are Nano Charcaol Adsorbents safe?
    Nano Charcoal adsorbents are made on 100% natural bamboo and have been tested under various analyses and S.G.S. proving that Nano Charcoal® adsorbents are non-toxic and safe even if accicentally ingested.

    - Taiwan Patent: 378777
    - China Patent: ZL200920274716.5
    - Germany Patent: Nr. 20 2010 012 176.0
  • How to use Nano Charcoal®?
    1) At the time of final packing, tear off the vacuum sealed bag and take out a package of Nano Charcoal®.
    2) Place the package inside the box and close it immediately; avoid reopening the box to ensure its adsorption efficiency.
    3) Leftover Nano Charcoal® must be stored in a re-sealable bag in order to prevent reduction of its adsorption ability. We recommend using the leftover packages as soon as possible. If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact us for further information.
  • How many packages of Nano Charcoal® do I need?
    - Shoe box capacity (cm)
    - Suggested number of packages
    - Please refer to the packaging
  • How is Nano Charcoal® different from Anti-Mould Chips?
    Anti-Mould Chips are chemically produced and limited to anti-mould by releasing strong chemicals into an enclosed atmosphere. Anti-mould chips fight the mould but they do not fight what actually causes the mould: Moisture. Nano Charcoal® however fights moisture very effectively, because where’s no moisture there’s no mould - it’s that simple. Due to its patented Nano-Technology, Nano Charcoal® achieves a moisture adsorption ratio of over 46% - 3 times more than the best Silica Gels achieve and 1.5 times more than Lime Desiccants.
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